Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Update

The NFL gets crazier and crazier each week. Washington, playing as good, if not better then any team in the leauge, has a disgraceful St. Louis Ram team come into their home field with an 0-4 record, and casually depart with a last second victory. The New York football Giants, undefeated and playing well, get dismantled by a Cleveland Brown team without argueably, the best Tight End in football, Kellen Winslow.

The reverse to this trend is a team like the Jaxsonville Jaguars, who have looked dispicable on both sides of the ball, yet they find a way to stroll into Denver and emerge victorious. The NFL is full of bad teams, folks. How bad are the Minnesota Vikings, who needed a last second FG to defeat a Detroit Lions team that has been outscored by 70 points combined at the half in their first 4 games, and oh yeah, they had Dan Orlovsky under center, who before this game had attempted a whopping 17 passes in the NFL for his career.

Not only was the NFL hard to watch on TV, it was also hard on The Prophets wallet. For those of you following I am involved in a handicapping contest and my 4 plays went 2-2 this week. My partner, the ruination of our chances, was 0-1, bringing our overall record to 13-17 after 6 weeks. I am 12-12, and my sad excuse for a partner is 1-5 on his total picks. We need a few weeks at 4-1 and 5-0 to get back in the hunt. For those interested in our progress, check out the official site, it explains the contest, shows picks, and updates standings every week .http://www.americanwagering.com/contests/2008/pro_challenge/index.html

And just to make the weekend as bad as it could possibly be, my Fantasy Team dropped to 2-4, which was almost inevitable due to the lineup I rolled out. The coming weeks look promising, and I need to string together some wins to have a shot at the playoffs, and ultimately, the title.

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