Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Time Around.......

Kevin Youkilis standing in the batters box, with his hands a foot apart, and his can jacked up to the high heavens, would have the casual fan shaking his head, until they rolled this across the screen, an average of .312 , 29 homers and 115 RBI's , not bad for an 8th rounder out of Cincinatti.

2 guys you would never want to meet in a dark alley, The Cowboys Marion Barber, and The Bills Marshawn Lynch.

Give Tom Brady the MVP award again. Now. The Pats are clearly # 12's team, and will be lucky to win 8 games without him.

The Red Sox have the Rays right where they want them, down 3-1 and the whole planet leaving them in the gutter for dead. I have seen this movie before, my friends.

You can say what you want about Manny Ramirez , but I want him on my team in October.

My brother would backwards K Jason Varitek on 3 pitches these days. Matt Cassell could not hit a sheet hanging on a clothesline in your backyard, let alone Randy Moss 30 yards downfield.

Charlie Frye, Dan Orlovsky, and Ryan Fitzpatrick all were starting QB's this week in the NFL. Think about that.

Congrats to the Atlanta Falcons siitng at 4-2, and also to their owner Arthur Blank. Right around this time last year, his QB Micheal Vick was in the big house, and his coach was getting a pink slip. Now he has QB, Matt Ryan, who should be the rookie of the year, and a coach, Mike Smith, who could take Coach of the Year honors.

My college football Guru tells me to watch out for Missouri beating Texas on the field this saturday

Just put a Minnesota Twins Jersey on Poker Pro, Eric " E-Dog" Lingdren, and he could pass for Justin Morneau anyday of the week.

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