Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 10 in the Leroys Contest

We are officially in trouble, we stand at 19-26 through 9 weeks of NFL action. My Plays( I give 4 picks out of the 5) are 17-19, as I dip below .500 for the first time all year. Mike, dreadfull, dreadfull Mike, is 2-7 and really coming through for us( eyeroll). This week I have chosen HSTN- 0.5, CHI + 2.5, NEW ENGLAND - 3.5, and MIAMI - 8.5, D.M. ( Dreadfull Mike) has chosen ATL - 1.5

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 Contest plays

Before I give our plays for the week, I want to add, I will be adding more material in the coming days, I have had a hectic week and have not been able to post or write much, that will change.
anyways, we went 3-2 last week, Mike actually won a game and " improves" to 2-6 for the year. It seems I go 2-2 every single week, and i stand at 16-16 for the year, putting us at 18-22 through a solid 8 weeks. Down, but not out. My 4 picks for this weekend are MINNESOTA -4.5, CLEVELAND -2.5, WASHINGTON -2.5, and DENVER -3.5, Mike has chosen TENNESEE -5.5
Anyone interested can follow along on the official Leroys Contest page here , our entry is "ONETIME"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Contest Plays

Here are the Selections for Week 8, We stand at 15-20 for the year. I have chosen BALTIMORE - 7.5, CAROLINA -4.5, PITTSBURGH - 2.5, and NEW ENGLAND - 6.5, Mike has chosen TENNESEE - 4.5

Friday, October 24, 2008

One Time Around......2

Interesting sidenote from this years Fall Classic, The All Star Game decided home field advantage for the World Series; it was a 14 inning marathon that ended around 2 o' clock in the morning. Scott Kazmir of the Tampa Bay Rays was the winning pitcher, Brad Lidge of the Phillys, the loser.

If you can present a strong case for one particular NFL team winning the Superbowl this year, I'm all ears.

The Freak that is Randy Moss......

For anyone intrigued by ultra high stakes gambling, Google " The Life of Ivey", its a series of episodes that you can watch right from your computer. Poker Pro Phil Ivey is followed around winning and losing millions playing craps, betting sports, prop betting, playing golf, and of course, playing poker. It's worth a look.

More look-alikes, New York Yankee hurler Mike Mussina and detective Nick Stokes( George Eads) from CSI Vegas.

I'm fine with the projected Red Sox starting rotation of Beckett, Lester, Matzusaka, Masterson, and Buchholz, but would really like Peavy or Sabathia in the mix, which more than likely will not happen.

If anyone was paying attention to the final out of Game 7 between Tampa and Boston, and the ensuing celebration on the mound, you had to see the Rays Johnny Gomes do his best Jimmy " Superfly" Snooka impersonation and swan dive on top of Rays phenom David Price, knocking him to the ground. The whole Tampa front office must have let out a sigh of relief when Price made his way out from under the Chaos. I'll bet the mohawk wearing Gomes would be riding the pine for a new organization, had he done the # 1 pick any harm.

From The Online Sportsbook Bodog: They have odds on which team Manny Ramirez will sign with for the 2009 season, they are as follows,
LA Dodgers 20/27
New York Yankees 11/10
New York Mets 5/1
Philadelphia Phillies 15/1
Boston Red Sox 100/1

" And with the First pick in the 2009 NFL draft, The Detroit Lions select......................"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Victory is mine!

It was a good week for my Fantasy Team this past sunday. I outscored the whole leauge, and the closest team was 34 points behind me. Needless to say, I blew the doors off of " Will work for food" 208.15- 140.55. The blockbuster trade I made 2 weeks ago paid huge dividends, as Chris Johnson ripped the KC defense for 19 carries 168 yards and a score, Hines Ward added 4 catches for 60 yards and a TD, and The Bears Defense( a throw in the deal) had 2 sacks, 4 picks, 1 fumble recovery, a blocked kick, and 2 TD's. Not a bad trade for Brandon Marshall and Earnest Graham( who is now helping out at fullback) Things are looking up in the coming weeks, as I scratch and claw for a possible playoff birth.

Our contest plays this week went 2-3, I stand at 14-14 for the year, My partner( who would be better off picking from a hat) is 1-6. Through 7 full weeks in the contest we stand at a disapointing 15 up and 20 down. As always, the link below outlines the contest and updates the Standings every week, our entry is " ONETIME"

I am kicking myself for the way I bet the NFL this week. I loved Carolina as my best play, and liked Miami second. so what do I do? I take a " conditional" wager with Miami in the front and Carolina in the latter part of the bet. it never made it to Carolina, as Baltimore, and the golden arm of Joe Flacco, strode into Miami and laid a beating on them. For those that dont know what a conditional wager is, its basically you risk a certain amount on 1 team, then you have an option to have that bet go onto another team( only if your first bet wins obviously)

I will be back tommorow for another segment of "One Time Around"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do I still play Poker????

You would'nt think so.......truth is I played maybe 10 hours or so last week, it seems every night there is a game on, and every night I have action on it, and have to sweat. I am going to buckle down after the World Series and get back to putting in serious hours. I will post more about poker as I start pumping in the hours on the virtual felt in the very near future.

I want to congatulate the Tampa Bay Rays, they did what I thought they could never do after losing game 5 the way they did( up 7-0 with 2 outs in the 7th) and then losing to an obviously hurt Josh Beckett in game 6, they beat the Red Sox's ace Jon Lester in game 7. Matt Garza was just filthy, utterly un-hittable, and just downright dominating. And this freak David Price they all of a sudden roll out in the 8th with 2 outs, and then to finish the 9th, is another story. To sum him up- he throws 97 mph blurs that paint corners and buckle knees. He made the sweet swinging J.D. Drew look like a little leauger. For those that never heard of him, Price was the Rays #1 pick last year out of Vanderbilt, look out MLB hitters. Here is a little more about Price I like the Rays to beat the Phillies in a tough series, 4 games to 2.

I will be back tommorow to talk about the weekend in the NFL, for those sweating us in the 100k Leroys contest, we went 2-2 on sunday, and have DENVER + 3.5 tonight. We need a positive week to gain a little ground.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Contest Plays for week 7

This will be quick, as I always seem to be rushed. For those following along our progress in the Leroys Spotsbook 100k Handicapping Contest, you know we went 2-3 last week, my picks were 2-2, and my partner was 0-1, bringing my total to 12-12, and my sad excuse for a partner at a dismal 1-5. Together we are 13-17 after 6 weeks, and need to make a move with some 5-0 and 4-1 weeks. Hopefully week 7 will be that kick start for us. OK, on to the selections, I have chosen the following 4 sides:

Count Lose-ula( my partner) has chosen: DEN BRONCOS +3.5

Hopefully we can string together some strong weeks starting with this week. here is the link covering everything you need to know about the contest, including overall standings of all the entrys